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April 24, 2011


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At The Rum Project (linked), cachaca's are definitely a valued and important style of cane juice rum. It is the national drink of Brazil, sold in huge quantities worldwide, with the exception of the US.

Sadly, the cachacas imported here are far from the best. Check this out: here are the top 20 cachacas in Brazil (#1 being best), most of which you will never see here:

20 — Volúpia
19 — GRM
18 — Seleta
17 — Abaíra
16 — Lua Cheia
15 — Mato Dentro
14 — Corisco
13 — Sapucaica Velha
12 — Indaiazinha
11 — Maria Izabel
10 — Piragibana
09 — Magnífica
08 — Armazém Viera
07 — Casa Bucco
06 — Boazinha
05 — Cladionor
04 — Germana
03 — Canarinha
02 — Anísio Santiago
01 — Vale Verde

I look forward to obtaining a few of these...

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  • Hi. My name is Phil Gomes. By day, I work at a public relations firm as its senior vice president of digital integration. I'm a proud SF East Bay native who currently lives in Chicago.

    I was introduced to cachaça by my wife, a Carioca. Her mom, in turn, is the president of the Confraria de Cachaça do Copo Furado, a group that meets monthly to talk about Brazil's indigenous spirit. I participated in one of their meetings when I vacationed in Rio in July 2008.

    This started me thinking about the basic question of whether cachaça in the U.S. is today where, say, tequila was some decades ago.

    So I decided to start this blog as a means to record and share the cachaça-related items I've been seeing day-to-day. I hope to be sharing recipes, impressions, and random thoughts as the U.S. continues to catch on to the potential for this particular spirit.

    Oh... The name? "Cachaçagora" is a portmanteau of "Cachaça" and "agora", which is the Portuguese word for "now". In Greek, "agora" also means public square. I hope to meet the expectations of both.


    cachacagora~~ at~~ gmail~~ dot~~ com

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