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May 06, 2010


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Hi Phil!

So glad I found this site! I too am a huge caipirinha fan living in Chicago (well, the burbs anyway) I had a couple of questions for you.

1. Any restaurants/bars downtown that make spectacular caipirinhas? I fell in love with the ones at Sushi Samba, and even got my local liquor store to start stocking Aqua Luca (which is what SS uses)

2. What have you found to be the best cachaca available in the Chicago area? I've personally found that cachaca can be a lot like tequila...it's either really awesome or really rotgut awful :) I initially drank 51, but now I'm in love with Aqua Luca. Personally, I hate the taste of Leblon, but I might be in the minority there.

3. What are some of the *best* cachacas you've had? I've found quite a few websites that let you order tons of different varieties, but I'd hate to spend money on a "zero barrel" one, you know? :)

Thanks much!


Hey, Jud,

Sorry it took me a while to get to this! Day job and vacation being what they are... *8-)


1) McCormick & Smick's on Wacker makes a great caipirinha. I believe they use Leblon, but I might be mistaken. Agua Luca? Perhaps you like the taste of fusel oil, but I'm not such a fan.

2) Aroma Brasil was my fave in terms of Chicago-area availability. They've gone through three distributors since I've moved here and, now, it's nowhere to be found. Leblon and Cabana are good. Again, I'm not such a fan of Agua Luca 'cause of the fusel-oil issue. Maybe they've figured it out. I tend to go for versatility. You can also get Ypioca and Rio D here. Some dinner guests disliked Ypioca Crystal when I served it. Rio D is way too astringent for my tastes.

3) You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of the cachacas that I featured in my mini-documentary. I have a special affinity for Barril 39, but Magnifica, Engenho d'Ouro, Maria Izabel, Vilarejo, and Coqueiro will *not* steer you wrong. I'm also hoping to visit Aroma Brasil someday.

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