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September 07, 2009


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Nice job on the video. Looking forward to your next installment.

I was drinking Cachaca cocktails at a very nice bar in Ashland, Ore., last week before an evening of fantastic theatre at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Either way, there's nothing else like it!


Very, very Nice Phil!

Can´t wait for the next post on this series!

It´s great that you got to go to Paraty! It´s an awesome place, isn´t it? Especially for people that appreciate cachaça.

Paraty is a very important place for the history of cachaça (and the gold trades). The cachaça produced there was transported to Minas Gerais in casks thru the gold trade routes (Estrada Real). “Traders” would transport the gold from Ouro Preto (in Minas Gerais) to Paraty to be shipped out, and on the way back they would transport cachaça from Paraty to Minas Gerais. Since this was a long trip, the cachaça arrived in Minas a bit aged, and that´s where Minas Gerais got its tradition for good aged cachaça we now have here.

When I saw the Azulada I first thought it was Tiquira – another Brazilian spirit only common in Maranhão. They both share the same color but in the case of Tiquira it´s mainly artificial, as far as I can tell. – Great info on the azulada, I have to sort a bottle ASAP!

I haven´t really seen any bottles of azulada around here. I´m not even sure if other producers make it…
Did you see also azulada made by other producers?


Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it.


Good info on the region. Speaking of "Estrada Real", have you seen this?


Good tip on the aged cachaca. Seems that almost all great things come to us by accident.

As to azulada, I saw it offered at Engenho D'Ouro and Maria Izabel as well as Coqueiro. (Incidentally, those are the next two installments, though I chose to feature other aspects of their operations.) I'm not surprised that you can't get it here, but I'm pretty certain that the craft-cocktail crowd could definitely get into it.

Thanks for writing!

Interesting post and great video Phil! That bottle of azulada is very interesting, it must taste wonderful.

I find it very interesting they use tangerine leaves in it.



Thanks, Tiare!

I do wish that I could find some way to get azulada up here. As it is, the stores only really carry three or four brands at the most, and none of these brands likely see a volume opportunity in this variation.

Nice video !!!

I am a big fan of coqueiro cachaca. IMHO its the best cachaca ...:-)))
and I have tasted a lot :-))
see my blog:

Seems that I went there one day after you: 18.08.09 :-))


@caipiman: Ha! We might have even passed each other on the streets of Paraty!

It´s possible :-) I stayed till the "Festa da Pinga" .... tasting all the different kind of cachaces produced in Paraty in one place :-)))

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